– The Can’s 70th Birthday

During 2005 a consumer PR campaign was initiated to create greater awareness of the benefits of drinks cans. The programme was undertaken in the UK, France and Spain. The campaign was aimed at emphasising the modern, contemporary, refreshing nature of cans as well as illustrating the fact that cans are 100% recyclable. The activity was aimed at all media with particular success on the local radio and online media, which is most commonly used by the young adults that the campaign is aimed at.

A large part of the campaign was centred on the 70th birthday of the can and included a specially designed can commissioned by internationally acclaimed designer Zandra Rhodes. The can was used to help launch the campaign and was exhibited at design museums and galleries around the country.

Over the summer research was commissioned into the power of sound and this showed that 86% of those surveyed recognised the sound of a drinks can being opened. Senior psychologists from King’s College London and Brunel University were then invited to comment on the findings on local radio stations.

The world’s highest mountain was the subject of another story that underlined the environmental benefits of choosing drinks cans over other packaging formats. Plastic and glass bottles are banned on Mount Everest because of litter problems; instead climbers are encouraged to drink from recyclable cans which are used by the local Nepalese to make cooking utensils and pots. Mountaineers Chris Bonington and Annabelle Bond agreed to support the Nepalese Tourist Board as spokespeople for the story.