– Cans as High Fashion

Can Furniture
In 2007 a fashion-themed campaign was developed in partnership with leading British designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to create a bespoke chair made out of recycled drinks cans.

The Can Can Chair has been instrumental in communicating the recycling key messages and after featuring in City Hall in London the chair embarked on a European tour.

In 2006, the team faced their biggest challenge to date – how to continue the fashion legacy left behind by Zandra Rhodes and her limited edition can. To overcome this and continue the great work done in 2005, the team briefed globally renowned British shoe designer Georgina Goodman to create a pair of couture shoes from recycled drinks cans. The challenge was one of the biggest of Georgina’s career as it involved taking her signature style, reworking it to include metal, finding ways to make metal perform the same duties as leather and ultimately creating something that would be worthy of a spot on a catwalk and in the pages of Vogue rather than the “nice-try-but” bin.

The result, as illustrated in the picture, is nothing short of breathtaking and was received with acclaim the minute it was launched. Georgina did her bit, conducting interview after interview to promote the world’s first pair of recyclable, high-fashion shoes. The results spoke for themselves with a 30-min webchat streamed live across 14 of the most influential fashion sites, print interviews across Metro, Daily Express, Daily Mail and the Evening Standard, a 25 minute interview on LBC and a 30 minute programme dedicated to her work on Euromaxx TV which was seen by over 31 million people.

In 2005, during London Fashion Week, an up and coming fashion designer was commissioned to design a dress made from recycled cans. The dress was modelled by Nell McAndrew and helped to demonstrate the recycling qualities of cans, as pictured.