Variety and Modernity

From the timeless sound of the can being opened to iconic can design and an increasing array of drinks choices, the beverage can has travelled the decades in style. Having just celebrated it’s 80th birthday, the drink can continues to innovate to meet the needs of consumers, brand owners, retailers and the filling industry.

Get noticed
Cans help brands stand out – their large surface offers great brand exposure with
fuss-free, label-free packaging that’s quick to produce and easily tailored to each brand’s requirements.

New design techniques are pushing creative boundaries even further, offering an instant point of differentiation in a busy marketplace. They include photorealistic custom designs which brand owners can use to achieve 600dpi photo-like graphics. Examples used so far include film tie-ins with different cans featuring a range of characters from the film – perfect for that standout look.


As one might expect from the most dynamic container in the beverage packaging market today, developments abound in making the can even more convenient.

The recent introduction of resealable cans in the UK is a part of this, giving consumers the chance to drink as little or as much as they want with no loss of fizz for up to 24 hours. Additionally, self-heating and self-cooling cans are offering up even more choice to the consumer, making it easy, for example, to a grab a warm coffee on the go.

Shapes and sizes
Choice matters. The industry has a wide range of can sizes to choose from. These range from 15cl for a quick burst of refreshment right up to 56.8cl (1 pint) most commonly used for beers and ciders. Some brand owners are utilising cans developed by can makers using blow forming technologies which create different can shapes and provide retailers and consumers with an exciting proposition.

From beer cans the shape of kegs to low calorie drinks in slimmer cans, there is a steady stream of innovation that has the potential to suit every product.