Nania’s Vineyard: High Quality Wine in Vibrant Cans

Guest Blogger: James Bayliss Smith

James Bayliss-Smith showcasing a selection of Nania's Vineyard cans on Aldi's Next Big Thing

Our Story

Nania’s Vineyard began in the heart of Bristol, with a spark of creativity and an interest in fermentation. After moving into our new home, we made cider from the apple tree in our garden, and we’ve been fermenting ever since. This experiment led us to plant 30 vines on the allotment behind our house, marking the birth of Nania’s Vineyard. 

As our enthusiasm and expertise grew, so did our need for space, prompting us to partner with experienced English and Welsh winemakers. Today, we proudly produce the UK’s first natural canned wine, embracing sustainability and innovation while staying true to our urban roots. 

Why cans? 

Nania's Vineyard can We gave a lot of thought to how we should package our wines, and cans were the best option for several reasons.

From a design perspective, cans offer a great canvas for vibrant, eye-catching visuals. They lend themselves to 360-degree artwork and we’ve used this to make sure our branding stands out from every angle. It means we can include all the necessary product information while maintaining the distinctive colourful branding that signifies Nania’s Vineyard. 

Not just that, the environmental credentials of cans are impressive too. They can be recycled again and again and are one of the most circular packaging materials. Cans are lighter in weight than other packaging formats, which reduces transport emissions. Using cans not only conserves valuable resources but also reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans. 

There is a growing demand for canned wines in the UK. As a business owner, I saw an opportunity to meet consumer demand and tap into a market segment that values environmental responsibility. 

Why do consumers like cans? 

We know that today’s consumers want their products in environmentally friendly packaging, but don’t want to compromise on quality or convenience. Canned wine is the perfect solution, for picnics, outdoor gatherings, and events and because cans are so easy to recycle, they tick all the boxes. 

Cans also offer portion control, meaning consumers can enjoy just the right amount without worrying about waste. This flexibility is great for individuals or small gatherings where opening a full bottle might be excessive or impractical. 

And there’s a growing recognition of the shelf life of canned wine, thanks to the can’s airtight seal which preserves the wine’s flavour profile and protects against light exposure and its ability to prevent oxidation. 

The next big thing …

In just four years, Nania’s has captured the attention of consumers and won several awards. Following our initial launch, we won a regional award for our rosé spritz, and since then, we have garnered several accolades, including a silver medal at The Wine GB Awards.

More recently, we took part in the popular Channel 4 show, Aldi’s Next Big Thing. Impressing the buyers of any major retailer is no mean feat and I was absolutely thrilled with the result. It’s a huge milestone for Narnia’s Vineyard and testament to the hard work of everyone who has helped to make the brand the success it is today. It also means consumers can now purchase two exclusive Nania’s Vineyard spritzers at their local Aldi store. 

Nania’s Vineyard is at the forefront of sustainable winemaking with our innovative approach to canned wine and our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility remains undiminished as we look to the future.

I’ve never been more excited about the possibilities ahead as we continue to redefine the wine industry driving sustainability and setting new standards in canned wine, through continued innovation.