Has Sorted Food lost its bottle?

The variety of high-quality wines and bar-quality cocktails available in cans has never been greater. In fact, from sophisticated soft drinks to craft ales as well as any number of low and no options, the canned beverage market has truly come of age. Convenience, value, and quality are just some of the drivers underpinning the category’s growth – but don’t just take our word for it: see what Sorted Food had to say on the subject as the team set out to pair a selection of canned drinks with their latest culinary venture:

Founded in 2010 by a group of young friends from London, Sorted Food has, as they put it, ‘mushroomed’ in the years since. In fact, it’s become an online community of around 15 million people who tune in every month, finding inspiration in the team’s lively approach to the challenge of cooking healthy, great tasting food in a more sustainable way, despite the time pressures so many face in an increasingly frenetic world.

Quick to chill, effective portion control and great value means makes canned beverages a natural choice for the Sorted Food team. But the can’s environmental credentials mean the format is also a perfect partner in their drive to enjoy healthy, sustainable living. And the fact that so many brands are now offering premium drinks in cans has practically guaranteed a seal of approval from the budding chefs at Sorted Food. Going from strength to strength, you might be forgiven for saying that Sorted Food has lost its bottle.