The Sustainable Game Changer in the UK Beverage Market

The UK’s beverage market is experiencing a growth spurt.

Set to increase by a compound annual rate of 10.5% over the next five years, the industry is being propelled by the popularity of premium ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs), a surge in product innovation, and health-conscious Gen Z consumers.

One notable trend is the growing use of aluminium cans for a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Traditionally associated with carbonated drinks, cans are making inroads into diverse segments of the market, from the burgeoning RTD sector to functional health drinks and even wines.

In a rapidly evolving market, it’s easy to see why cans have emerged as the number one choice for manufacturers.

Sustainability and Convenience

From on-the-go convenience to reduced waste, cans offer various advantages for today’s eco-conscious, time-strapped consumers. Their compact design minimises CO2 emissions during transport, and they provide ideal portion sizes at home. Notably, the aluminium drinks can boasts an impressive 82% recycling rate in the UK.

Decorative Appeal

Cans aren’t just eco-friendly; they’re a blank canvas for brand design. Their printable aluminium surface offers a versatile surface for decoration and bold colours, inspiring impulse purchases and exploration among shoppers.

Flexible Options

As the trend of home entertainment gains momentum, canned cocktails have become a go-to choice for consumers and a standout in the thriving RTD market. It’s not hard to see why: as well as being the most recycled beverage packaging format, canned cocktails offer premium recipes at a fraction of the price and precise portion control, eliminating the waste of DIY mixology.

Expanding Horizons

Cans are conquering new territories in the beverage landscape, from waters, health drinks and energy boosters to cocktails and wines. They’re the go-to choice for picnics, festivals, and outdoor escapades, ensuring drinks stay fresh and ready to enjoy. Consumers agree: according to recent research, 70% of UK adults believe cans to be more convenient for outdoor occasions, 69% believe they are more convenient ‘on the go’ and 67% believe they make portion control easier.

In a dynamic and growing UK beverage market, cans have emerged as the ultimate game-changer for manufacturers. Their environmental appeal, convenience, and design possibilities cater to the demands of the modern consumer and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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