Wines are #InTheCan

Earlier this year, Can Makers conducted research which showed that more than a quarter of UK consumers are buying more canned beverages than ever before, with 63% of consumers trying a new drink in a can for the first time in 2022. In addition, nearly a third of consumers made more use of outdoor spaces in 2022 than in previous years with picnics and barbeques both on the rise.

To showcase the increasingly wide variety of high-quality wines and bar quality cocktails now available in a can, Can Makers organised the #InTheCan Event hosted by the renowned wine critic, Helen McGinn.

With the help of Helen’s expertise, guests and influencers made their way through a guided tasting of a selection of canned cocktails as well as white, rosé, and red wines, all of which are pioneers in a quickly growing canned wine market.

During the event, we spoke to Helen McGinn and other attendees to get their thoughts about the quality and great taste of wine in cans.