Can Makers announce new Design Accolade winners

Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK, has confirmed an additional three brands have been awarded a Design Accolade following the launch of the programme earlier this summer.

Flowerhorn Brewery and Molson Coors Beverage Company were both awarded the Design Accolade in recognition of their designs’ exceptional shelf standout helping the brands to create a premium position in their markets.

Simon Gresty, Can Makers chairman, said: “Innovation in can design has come of age and we’re now seeing so many exceptional creative concepts which advances in printing technology are enabling brands to realise, that selecting those for a Can Makers Accolade is no easy task. The designs selected however showcases the best in creative design and illustrates how cans are helping brands to affirm their position in the market and reach new audiences.”

Created specifically for inclusion in the Brewdog & Friends subscription box, the Flowerhorn Trip represented a significant new opportunity for Flowerhorn Brewery.

Andrew Traynor, co-founder, Flowerhorn Brewery, commented: “We take pride in all of our cans’ designs but the artwork for this new beer was of greater importance than ever. The designer, Will Yates, was briefed to create a psychedelic background including an alternative design of the brewery logo which maximised the brand colours but remained consistent with brewery’s branding.

“As with all our designs, we like to entertain customers and create a strong reaction – something that makes the can and the beer memorable. The eye-catching result was typical of Will’s creative approach, making a distinctive addition to the Brew Dog subscription box which we’re delighted has been recognised with a Can Makers Accolade.”

The Accolades will be awarded on a bi-annual basis, with the judging panel set to meet again in the autumn.