Can Makers publish new industry report: The Rise of Wine in a Can

Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK, has published a new industry report: The Rise of Wine in a Can. It is the first in a series of reports which are set to be published every quarter, offering expert insight to the trade.

Each report will focus on a specific market segment, examining the key issues facing manufacturers, market trends and recent innovations as well as considering developments that are likely to unfold in the coming months.

It follows a period of sustained growth in the global canned wine market and across the industry with UK sales of wine in a can quadrupling in two years. In addition, the variety of premium drinks in cans has increased dramatically and the number of cans shipped in the UK has recorded double digit growth.

Simon Gresty, Can Makers chairman, said: “As more wine brands adopt and even launch exclusively in cans, consumer confidence in the quality of wine in a can is rising, underpinned by the high-quality offerings from brands who have worked hard to create a premium position in their market. And it’s not just the white and sparkling wines that are behind this growth. Rosé and red are finding increasing favour among the more discerning customer as well as those who might otherwise be put off by the mystique and perceived snobbery of expensive bottled wine.”

The report, which examines external factors affecting the industry such as energy costs and the long-term impact of the pandemic, also includes comment from industry experts including GHF Drinks co-founder and director, Archie Wright whose portfolio includes the successful Mirabeau and its Pret-a- Porter Rosé canned wine, plus Michelle Kaufmann of the Stoller Wine Group, a celebrated family of wineries.

Mr Gresty added: “The cost-of-living crisis is the latest in what feels like a long list of crises – but once again the beverage can’s virtues are helping brands to rise to the occasion, making good use of the reduced packaging and distribution costs while offering a high-quality product to the consumer at a more accessible price point, and in smaller quantities.

To download the report, go to: The Rise of Wine in a Can June 2022